Marketing Projects

Usage Product Placement – Fashion/Accessories/Beauty (Embedding)

The incorporation of fashion into film and television isn’t new, but arguably the potential has never been fully realized. The proper integration of fashion into the costuming/wardrobe function is a deft balance of storytelling and merchandising. The concept here is to leverage relationships to synchronize television production with the buying/planning cycle in the fashion industry. The television show becomes a platform for lifestyle shopping, but in smart ways that are “on code” with the show and its characters. Brands and retailers will be linked up with appropriate television vehicles.

Brand/Retailer Advantages

  1. Access to targeted attractive audience
  2. Input into the creative usage of the brand in pop culture
  3. Being a part of a constellation of brands that define a lifestyle
  4. Ability to capitalize immediately on demand/desire for iconic looks through omnichannel
  5. Access to generated data linking content to merchandizing

Television Production Advantages

  1. Ancillary revenues through embedding contracts (increasing revenues)
  2. Access to upcoming fashions available to costume/wardrobe (lowering costs)
  3. The creation of iconic brand constellations based upon production’s IP
  4. Opportunities to collaborate with brands/retailers on additional capsule collections and leverag
  5. ing actors’ social media with brand offerings
  6. Access to generated data linking sales to content (costume/wardrobe, characters, stories)

Specialist Influencer Talent Marketing

We help organize the best influencer deals for marketers to meet their goals by matching them with the right influencers (micro and macro and their audiences. We have relationships in fashion and accessories brands, retail, and media with a team of professionals who have decades of experience in the advertising industry, strategy, and marketing research/analytics.